LPS Cruise ~ Mayan Ruins!

LPS Cruise ~ Mayan Ruins!

On our cruise to the Caribbean we visited a lot of neat places!  Including the Mayan Ruins named Altun Ha near Belize in South America!

Behind Dundee, you can see the...well, ruins! 

The ruins were pretty tall, and hard to climb. But it was AWESOME!

This picture was taken of us when we finished climbing our last, and the tallest, ruin!  It was super tall, and we got dizzy just looking over the edge!

Well, that's it for now!  I hope you enjoyed!  More cruise pictures will be posted soon!

Yours truly
~Trudy ♥

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I'm going on a Cruise!!

Hey everyone, its Trudy!!



I'M GOING ON A.............CRUISE!!!!!!!!

Not my picture :)
I'm going on a Carnival Glory ship in...ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!!   EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

And guess what?!  I'm going to take...LPS WITH ME!!!

But...No Alligators allowed, sorry Sammy and Dundee.  They would love to Vlog the cruise though eh?

Anyways, I've never been on a cruise before...Well, I did when I was a baby, but of course I don't remember!

I'm not sure what LPS I'll bring with be, but I'm positive I'll bring Savannah and Alex!!

Savannah and Alex thought it would be great to go on a cruise, and they could spend some great quality time together! 

So, there you have it!!  A cruise!!!!

I'll be making a whole cruise series on my blog and YouTube...Because I'll take so many pictures!  And me and Zack will make tons of videos!

Stay tuned!!!!!


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Brand new LPS Bobble in Style pets! The old LPS are back!!!!!

Hey everyone, its Trudy!


 I was looking around the internet and found out something that I'm freaking out about!


I don't think they are out in stores in the U.S.A yet, but they are in France and that's for sure! 

But, again, the most popular of the new wave is being sold fake on eBay. UGH!

 Anyways, here are the pictures! 

 Okay!  First, I'm sorry for the bad picture quality.

Now, as you can see, they came out with a DACHSHUND!!  Best of all, its a MOMMY AND BABY SET!!   I have to get one lol!!!

 I can't wait for a new G2 style Collie!!!

So, I think they came out with 22 new pets!  How awesome!!

I'm not sure when these will come out in the U.S.A, but they will hopefully be out soon!

Good luck to finding them!!

Special thanks to the Littlest Pet Shop Collectors Forum for the photos

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My new LPS! (Bobble in Style, the Old LPS are back and I got some!!)

Hey everyone, it's Trudy!


Okay okay, let me clam myself down...AHHHH!!! EEEEEKKK!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!! ☺☺☺

Okay, this time I'm done. XD 

So, I'm quite sure ya know about the new Bobble in Style (G2 mold) LPS, right?  If not, you can learn all about them in this post HERE

Anyways, I've been searching everywhere for them, but could not find any of them ANYWHERE!!!! -_-

So, when we went out to Tampa, I asked my mom if we could run into the Target there.

So, we did, and Zack went to the LPS isle first.  When I headed over to join him, I heard this shouting to me: "No!  They don't have them, ugh!"  I was really mad, because everywhere I go, they don't have them!! :( 

I reached the LPS isle and looked for myself, and I scram like a baby! THEY DID HAVE THEM!! ☺ 

I practically wrecked the whole rack looking for the new shorthair cat.

  I looked like a huge blurry ball of boots and pink earrings along with skinny jeans and a neon pink shirt from Justice.  I was so excited I was shaking.  Then, my heart almost leaped out of my chest when I found two Shorthair cats in the back of the wrack.

The only two left!!!!  I searched again, and again, and found no more.  I was so happy that they had two left, so me and Zack could have one!!  I got some more and I love them!

But guess what?  They where reduced!!!  Instead of $4.99, they were $3.48!  That was awesome!!

The old LPS are back!!

Anyways, lets open them!!

 Okay!  Those are the LPS I got!  They didn't have the swan or shark, and only one of the pink kitty's, and one of the German Shepard's.  Witch was fine because I got the Kitty and Zack got the Shepard! :) 

Here, you can see the before price and after price, and the logo for the Bobble In Style pets! 


I opened the pets and almost fainted when I finally got them out of the package.  Their heads were SUPER bobbley!! 

Here they are out of their packages!!!

 This is my woodpecker!  He dose not have a name, so any ideas? 

 This is him again!

 This is my pink kitty in the sunset. :3

 This is my pink kitty, also with no name. :( 

 Zoe loves her tree house!

Zoe is really cool, because I've always liked her but never liked the G3 style.  Now there is a Bobble style I DO love! 

 Climbing a tree!

This is my Iguana, also no name!  LOL! 

This is Ezra, my new Shorthair! 

Ezra is my favorite LPS I got, and she is adorable! 

Thank you all for looking, and come back for more LPS fun!! 


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LPS: Valentines Couples #2 Double Date!

Hey everyone, it's Trudy!

Again, Valentines Day in one more day closer.

 And Couples are going on dates, Best friends are having special days out, and people without Valentines are spending the holiday with their family's!

Enjoy this Double Date!


 Today, Alex, Savannah, Sierra, and Dakota are going on a double date! 

 Alex and Savannah are the oldest couple.  They've been dating for two years now, and are fully in love!  Makes me wonder if Alex has plans for anything special...Like a big question at a romantic dinner.  

Savannah is a fun outgoing girl, who  loves Pokemon.  And Alex is super sweet, and super protective.  But, he also loves Pokemon!  There the perfect match.

Sierra and Dakota are our second oldest couple, who have been dating for a year and a half.  Almost as long as Alex and Savannah!  

Sierra loves Valentines day, because she says her fur matches the day perfectly. 

 Dakota agrees with her completely, but in the bright sun he says her fur blinds him sometimes.  Of course he's just teasing.

Sierra is a bit shy and doesn't talk much to strangers, but once you get to know her, she won't stop talking.  

When they got to the beautiful garden, Sierra and Dakota decided to separate from Alex and Savannah, witch was fine because it was kind of nice to be alone.  

Alex and Savannah had a great time!  They reminded each other about the first time they met, and their first date, and their first kiss.  Then, they took some pictures of the beautiful garden! 

Sierra and Dakota also had a great time!!  They had a picnic, and Dakota brought Sierra's favorite food!


SUSHI!!  They enjoyed their yummy food and their bellies were full.

After they put their trash in the trash-can, they turned around and flopped down on the picnic blanket.  Their bellies were full, and they were bathing together in the Florida sun.

They hugged each other and kissed.

 After they were done with their special Valentine Day activities, they headed home.

Alex and Savannah went over to Sierra and Dakota's house, and made a big pink cake.

What a special Valentines Day!

~Trudy + Savannah, Alex, Dakota, and Sierra.

Come back tomorrow for another couples post! 

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LPS: Valentines Couples #1 A date at The Tri Circle D Ranch In Diney!

Hey everyone, it's Trudy!

Valentines Day is near,  so I'm making posts about best friends, cutest couples, and Littlest Pet Shops in Love!

Please enjoy, and check back for the next one tomorrow!


 It's Valentines Day, Bella and her Valentine date Dastan are going to The Tri Circle D Ranch in Disney!

Ring ring!  "Hello?" Dastan asked once he fastened his belt and picked up his iCandle phone.

  "Hello Dasty!" Replied the voice on the phone.  There was only one person who called him "Dasty"  He smiled.  "Hey Bellaboo!  How's it going?" He asked, trying to put his collar on with one hand.  "I's going great!  Just calling to let you know I'm ready, so you can pick me up when you'd like to!" Bella replied cheerfully.  "Okay Bella, I'll be there is 10-20 minutes."  Dastan barked in reply.

   "So..." Bella murmured, "Can you please, please, PLEASE tell me where were going?"  "Nope!  It's a full blown surprise!  Just remember to eat, and maybe where some boots that don't have high-heels on them.  Okay?"

  "Of course!  How could I forget when you text me six times at different times in the night saying the same thing over and over? 'DO NOT FORGET NO HIGH-HEELS AND MAKE SURE TO EAT, K?' It's just really funny, had to bring it up!" Bella giggled in reply. "Er...Sorry bout that." He said.  "It's fine!  I just think it's funny, that's all.  Have to go babe, see you at in a few minutes!" "Okay!  See ya!" He barked, then hung up the phone. 


After a small drive, Dastan and Bella were at their destination!  Tri Circle D Ranch at Disney!  When they first arrived, Dastan blindfolded Bella until he got her in the perfect spot.

Then, when he removed the blindfold, Bella let out a huge gasp of surprise, and kissed Dastan.  She's been wanting to ride a horse for ages, and Dastan thought it was the perfect please to take her for Valentines Day! 

Bella went over to the building and waited in the line to go Trail Riding.  "Okay!  One horse, or two?" The lady at the front desk asked.  "One horse please, we're sharing." Bella replied as Dastan smiled at her.  "Okay!  Please follow that young man over there to your horse after you pay." Said the lady, flicking her ears towards a young white Dachshund.  "Okay!" Bella barked in reply. 

 Dastan got out his credit card with his mouth and gave to the lady at the front desk.  He glanced at her name tag, it said "Coral" on it.  She gripped it with her front teeth and titled her head so she could swipe it.  "Okay, enjoy, and happy Valentines Day!" Coral said.  

At the front desk

They followed the White Dachshund to yet another line.  He told them to wait there, and another cast member will be with them shortly.

After a short while, they were and the end of the line and a Lady named Star came to show them to their horse.  

"WOW!" Bella exclaimed, excitement glowing in her eyes.  "It's beautiful!" She added after a gasp of affection.  "Now, let me explain the rules, how to ride, what track to follow, ect." Star explained everything, and then led them back to the horse.

As they were walking to their horse,  they stopped and stared at the huge foot-prints made by the horses that were now filled with last night's rain.  For some reason, it felt like they could just jump into the deep puddles and the water would be clean and warm like a hot tub.

  Then, Bella glanced up at the horse, and looked at Dastan.  "Sorry, I know what your thinking, but if we did go in those puddles we'd get wet and muddy, then we'd make that pretty horse over there dirty." She giggled a little in between talking.  

After they got on the horse, they started there trail ride.

It was wonderful!  They saw all kids of animals!  Otters, Deers, Birds, Armadillo, and so much more! 

 They even saw this adorable little decorated Golf-Cart!

After the horse ride, they went to look around some more before they left.

 They hugged over here.

 And smiled over there.

And nuzzled up with each other because they found true love.

 Posed with the horses together.

 And found out there was a missing horse...

This was the funnest day, and they were so happy they got to spend it together!

Whether you have a Valentine or not, enjoy every day, and enjoy the people around you.  But most importantly, have fun!

~Trudy + Bella and Dastan.

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