The Littlest Pet Shop Story 1; A Lesson Learned for Good

The Littlest Pet Shop Story 1
A Lesson Learned for Good

Chapter 1 ~ going to the mall

The day starts out with a young Dachshund named Savannah, who is going to the mall with her friends.

Savannah outside waiting for her Friends to pick her up

 Savannah is 14 years old, and is a single child. she is very nice and friendly, and in her opinion, very beautiful.

Savannah is so excited to go to the mall without her parents, she gets up extra early, showers, gets dressed, and eats as fast as she can, so when her friends got there she could be ready.

She is going to the mall with her 2 best friends. Their names are Seonna (who is 16), and SIERRA (who is 17).  Sierra is driving them today with Seonna riding shotgun.

Seonna waiting for Sierra to pick her up

When her friends get there, she runs out the door to her friends car. Savannah asks her friends if she can ride in the front next time.  About 15 minutes later they turn a corner, and there it was.  The mall!


They all scrambled out of the car, and made a mad dash in to the mall. All 3 friends split up and run to their favorite stores. 

Savannah headed straight to Puppy Paws, the finest hair salon in the world.  

Sierra eating at Pink Barry in the Mall !

Seonna went over to Paws and Claws, the fanciest nail salon ever.

Sierra sped straight to Mile Style, a vary expensive clothing store.

Find out what happens in Chapter 2 in the next post! 

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Anonymous said...

Where in the haystacks did you get Sierra?!?!?!

Trudy said...


I got her off ebay. I had one but she got eaten by my dog, you can see the post I made about it here on the blog under Trudy's Page.

I bought another one off ebay but I had to look everyday for a long time because she is rare.

♥ Trudy

Anonymous said...

Man.I really like that one,and I'm still looking.I found one on ebay too,but it was REALLY expensive:thirty dollars.Plus,she had a bone,so I worked REALLY REALLY hard to get her,but by the time I got back to ebay,it was gone.And now,I can't find another one.But,I keep looking.:(

Trudy said...

Hi! What is your name?

I did that too the first time I bought her, they had one buy it now for $18.00 and by the time I got my mom to look at it a day or two later it was gone.

Good luck on finding one!

♥ Trudy

Anonymous said...

My name's Briana.I see that yours is Trudy.I looked at all of your posts,and the comments below them.That took a while,but some of the comments really surprised me.You know Avery?

Trudy said...

Hi Briana!

I am happy you read all of the pages and comments, there are lots of great people who write here on the LPSfunBlog, now including YOU!

Yes I know Avery, she is like the very first friend I made here on my blog. I still remember "Silver" AKA Avery, writing on all of my pages, I was so excited to be able to talk to people here on the blog.

Your Friend,
♥ Trudy

Anonymous said...

I think I remember having a friend a few years ago named Avery...It's kinda weird if I think too much on it.It's nice to meet you Trudy.

Anonymous said...

(From Brianna)
Oh,and what number is Sierra?

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, Trudy are you okay up there?

Trudy said...


Sorry I have been really busy. I haven't had a lot of time the last week but I will soon!

I don't know what the number is right now, sorry.

♥ Trudy

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