Sweet Summer Love ♥ LPS Pictures

Hi everyone!  I am posting pictures today!
I just took them, and can't wait to show you!  So, enjoy!
Today's picture theme:

♥ Sweet Summer Love ♥

Dakota giving Sierra a Flower

Sierra Loves the Gift!

Dakota and Sierra in Love

Savannah and Alex... Oh that Sweet Summer Love!

Savannah and Alex Forever

Sunshine and Seonna Stealing a Kiss ♥

Well that is it for today.  I hope you enjoyed these sweet summer love photos!

Please keep checking back for more great news, adventures, photos, and a giveaway!

Thanks, Trudy. 

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Razmus Longhair said...

Cool photos and nice note :).
I invite you to this blog ,please comment :)
~Fire Shorthair 7

LovelyLPS said...

Great pictures ;D check out my site ^^

Anonymous said...

wow!!!this place is different....i kinda liked the old one but great job anyway!

Trudy said...

Hi Silver and all of my other friends!

This is Trudy, and I want all of you to know that my first giveaway is finally here!

Just go to the Giveaway page (Our First Giveaway) and enter.

Thanks and I hope you like the new look.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

i'm starting to like the new look!luv the pics!
<# Silver

Anonymous said...

I have the light brown collie,but his name is Jason.And whats funny is that my brothers name is alex@

♥ Trudy ♥ said...


Thant is funny! And that's so cool!


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