Littlest Pet Shop Fakes ~ Beware!

Hi everyone!  Ever since I started to buy LPS off of eBay I was aware that they did sell "Fake" pets.  
They used to look the same,  but not hold up the same with wear.  They were easier to get their paint chipped off. 

But now they just did it!  I'm sure you know the pet #675 right?  And you know how they cost a bunch of money right?  Well since they are so RARE they are not just faking them but changing the whole look of #675!!!  :'(

 This is my 675 (my photo) and it is real:

krislee1, naturalathletesa
AND 2012lapnot08. 

Now take a good look at the fake ones on eBay:

The good thing is they are cheap, well, cheap compared to the real 675 pet, and can be used as stunt dummies;) LOLZ!

These are fake lps 675's and are fine if you want one!  
I have some fake ones and love them the same. ;)  They are still LPS and you can still love them! :D 

 These are the two 675's one on the right is real,  one on the left is fake.  Do you see the difference?

So this post is mostly to let you be AWARE, and again there is nothing wrong with them, they are still loveable LPS!! 

Thanks so much!

~Trudy ♥  


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Avery said...


I knew there were fake ones but I didn't know they actually had THAT much of a difference...

o_o Oh gosh. (<-LOL)


Ginger said...

Hi Trudy! Thanks for making us aware of this. :)

I just thought I'd add that these odd #675 dogs really are counterfeit, meaning someone tried to make copies of the real #675 in order to trick people into buying by thinking it was the real thing, just so that they could get more money.

Making counterfeit items is actually a crime. These dogs are not made by the Hasbro company, so whoever is making these dogs is not respecting the copyright. Often this crime is overlooked, and it should be reported to eBay.

So, you won't be in trouble if you already have bought some of the fakes, but PLEASE try not to buy any more in the future.

But they are cute, aren't they? ;)

♥ Trudy ♥ said...

Hi Avery!

I can see where you are coming from...I am not a fan of them ether.


♥ Trudy ♥ said...

Hi Ginger!

I know what your saying by that and think your right. :D I guess I never thought about it that way before though. I'll try not to. :)


Raina said...

Phew! I got a real one when I was four,so mine isn't fake! Thanks,Trudy!

S. Murphy said...

omg what kind of sick person would make something like that and then sell it for like 30 dollars shouldn't that be like illigal (sorry im not a very good speller)and the customs i think they should charge less they are sooooo expensive man i think they are cewl though.....☺

Carolina A Leo said...

Thanks for warning us about the fake pets! I only buy Official Lps toys.

I hope there's new giveaways this year!

♥ Trudy ♥ said...

Hi Raina!

I am happy you got a real one!!

And your welcome!


♥ Trudy ♥ said...

Hi Sam!

Its fine that's okay! And yeah that is. But i thought it was less.


♥ Trudy ♥ said...

Hi Carolina A Leo!

No problem ;) I mostly buy Official LPS to. :)

Yes there will be more! :D


Emma Marie said...

I so know what you mean trudy i looked on ebay and i thought well i think im the only one to notice but i guess not.

Emma Marie said...

hi um i thought no one would notice the fake lps on ebay p.s i did not sell one i just thought no one noticed it but me.

Emma Marie said...

i know what you mean girl i really know the difference!

Anonymous said...

I have one in front of me and I am having a hard time noticing the difference from the ones on your page. What are the noticeable differences? What about the magnets? What color are they on the real 675?

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooo much for this blog. I almost spent $60 on a fake!!!!!
I like real LPS and get annoyed when i get a fake for $30 or more. I will also not buy from those ppl. Thx again i can finally see the difference!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't see the difference can you elaborate. You may want to remove other people's pictures; it's illegal to use them without there consent.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me this I have received some fake ones from e-bay already. I did not know they were fake but you can tell the difference my squeezing them. The fakes are super squishy. When I got mine I thought it was just because it was new or got heated, but I changed my mind when it started happening more often. My BFFL just bought a #675 from E-bay and I'm afraid its fake. : C

Anonymous said...

I make LPS movies for you tube and I need to know a way to get the older style pets cheap, but I want real ones. I really want a brown LPS collie. Please reply I am basically a LPS collector but only have a few pets. Is there any possible way that someone could maybe give me one? Please....?

Anonymous said...

I do not know what color the magnets are but the differences I noticed are... fake looks like it's almost crying while real looks like it's making a puppy face. The brown on the real one is MUCH more vivid. The head, eyes, ears, snout are a little bigger on the real than the fake. The fake ones tail is more straight while the real has a curve. The back legs of the fake are way bigger than the real. The real also has a bigger stripe down it's back. The white looks a little more cream colored on the fake. I hope that helped!

PS: I think the real ones look way better!

marwa benchoula said...

can I have the fake ones?

Anonymous said...

hi trudy n my dad might accedentily get the fake one (cuz its cheaper.) and also did u notice how much for the real ones for just the pet! Crazy! The only reason is becuz it was on lps popular (btw im new to the blog)

Anonymous said...

Dear, Anonymous,

1: The difference is the Fake LPS #675 has a magnet that looks white and the REAL one has a gray/grey magnet.
2: The fake one looks like its been painted and the eyes looked 'caved in.'
3: It all started from a Chinese person who wanted Money and he/she sold them for ALOT of money! People today call them an Aftermarket LPS #675.
4: The white jagged markings on the fake ones legs are perfectly the same. But on the real one it is different strokes... But I love them just the same!

BE AWARE: I was sold one from China and the picture looked like it was real but it wasn't. SO BE AWARE WHO YOU BUY LPS #675 FROM! THEY TRY TO CHEAT YOU!

Thank You! Sincerely, Rachel. (A specialist on LPS)

hgirls2 of animal jam said...

Thanks for telling me that there are fake ones. Also i saw another scam. It was 675 and some other random pet for only 1 cent. It was so fake looking. Their were repeats of it too. P.S. could you maybe check out my lps blog. I make videos on it!

LPSsavvy AJ said...

Dear , Trudy
About The Fake Dachund #675
It Was Other Places Becuz The Real 657 Cost ALOT on Ebay
So They Made Fake Ones What's Differnt
1. They Head Dose Not Bobble the real one dose
2. The Fake One Is Taller
3. The Fake One Has Differnt Plactic Differnt Eyes And All Of That :D

Trudy said...

LPSsavvy AJ,

You are right, they are so much more gross, and as you said, NOT maid by HASBRO. I'm glad you are aware. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! On youtube everyone keeps on saying "it's not a fake you've been rushing hasbro and when they tried to make it they couldn't find the right mould" which is false information! Wow, I felt so clever when I typed that! LOL! Anyway, doesn't it just really bug you when people keep on saying its not fake and all that other bla dee bla nonscence!

Seonna said...

Wish I had savy :( Soo Pawsome. ( u know, from lps popular)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I LOOOVE lps but I bareley have any!.. I don't know if my French bulldog Drake( LPS ) is rare..

Mikayla Virgulti said...

omg I bought a fake off ebay
my friend told me about fake lps, it's true! I just used my pen
and made eye lashes for mine
so it made it more like the real one.
it showed me a picture of the REAL 675 and than when I got it,
it's magnet and it's head fell off!
But luckily I was able to get from them. Still fake);
Can you give me any advice on what I could search for 1
in a low price?

Sorry for my REALLY long comment.
I should end it now :)

Anonymous said...

Why does these have to happen to LPS out of any toys in the world

Anonymous said...

Hi Trudy

Love your Savvy your so lucky you haven't got the fake one :)

Megan Lloyd said...

Even if i got a fake one i wouldn't really care but real ones are better.

Anonymous said...

Sooo right !!!!These annoying people keep on saying things like'These idiots don't know a single stupid word! That savvy is real! so was rushed because they got over 1000 contacts to make it' It is STUPID ,Hasbro does not RUSH pets,they need money, and money is what they get if they sell nice looking pets,so people time to block your ears so others don't feed you la dee da NONSENSE ,They should learn the facts themselves, they think they're so smart and all. I have watched Popular ever since it came out and it REALLY bugs me how people feed wrong info to others
4 words to people who believe savvy was 'rushed' : LEARN THE FLUFFI'N FACTS
Otherwise you cannot call your self an lps lover !
Peace Out ,

~Littlest Pet Shop Lover~ (Brianna)

Ps I'm new here!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Trudy! I know this is SO off topic but... How did you get the ring on the dachshund???

Anonymous said...

i was about to buy one of them when i heard about this FAKE savvy.... thank u for telling me about these dummmm fakes i hope our traders HASBRO will get rid of these, these COPYRIGHTERS!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for telling us!!!!! I was gonna buy a lps from ebay

Anonymous said...

how much does the real one cost?

Anonymous said...

I have a huge assortment of LPS animals

Anonymous said...

hi Trudy its sopiegtv I put anonymous here when I posted the commet oh and also if u can tell me how to make videos great as u

Anonymous said...

My 4 yr old has asked santa for the lps 675 any idea wherr to get one reasonably other then ebay?

SassyAndMe aj said...

It may be a lighter version of it?

Anonymous said...

Nobody will want my savvy.. here are the reasons why 1st. her magnet came off 2nd. her head came off but i fixed it, 3rd. her tail fell off 4th. her head came off again my dad fixed it now she looks like a midget o.o, i was so sad that i got the fake one!!!! when i won it i was like dancing like a person who needs a brain transplant but the good side is i got a real husky out of it :D but i really wanted the savvy badly :'( I spent 20 dollars i think plus shipping too... i dunno it was 2 years ago.. Anyone want it? i will get rid of it for a creamy white snowflake eye's cocker spaniel.

Anonymous said...

I found out to late I already ordered 20 lps for 16.00 on ebay. though it wont really bother me because to me their still lps but I've never had a fake before.

Anonymous said...

Thank you China. For making my life %10 more difficult .-.

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